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Lucca Arti e Mestieri

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The market  "Lucca Arti e Mestieri(Lucca Arts and Crafts) is the first open-air craft market in the historical center of Lucca. A large group of exhibitors that has been in Piazza San Giusto since 1988 on the last weekend of the month with many traditional and original products .

At the Art and Craft Market "Lucca Arti e Mestieri" ceramists, painters, sculptors, leather, glass and paper machè masters,  weavers, jewelers, cabinet makers, tailors and embroidery, masters of knitting are the artists and craftsmen who propose their Artifacts in the colorful weekend market. Wandering amongst the stalls you will see colorful animals, stars and suns, notebooks and bookmarks all made with the papier machè of the Viareggio tradition and still second hand leather upholstery and jewelry made of the most diverse stones and various cast metals. Clay and terracotta furnishings, handled in the smallest detail.

The Lucca Arts and Crafts market  "Lucca Arti e Mestieri" is organized by the homonymous association, always committed in safeguarding and promoting the creativity of people who passionately and ingeniously dedicate themselves to the creation of unique pieces. About fifty eponents selected and always available to direct contact with the public to promote the development and knowledge of artistic and manual activities.

More information about artisans and products and the market calendar are available on FB / Lucca Arti e Mestieri


Luogo: Piazza S. Giusto

Indirizzo: Piazza S. Giusto, Lucca

Periodo: last week end of every month

Sito web: FB / Lucca Arti e Mestieri


Lucca Arti e Mestieri
FB / Lucca Arti e Mestieri